P4 Printer Based Systems
For the most part, ACCUFAST makes system modules. This gives our customers unequaled flexibility to set their work space up exactly the way they want. The examples below are common P4 based systems, call for more options and prices.

The most common system for small mail shops and commercial printers looking to set up a mailing operation is the P4 address printer with an HDF feeder and emptied by a CS3 conveyor/stacker. This set up is incredibly sturdy, flexible and productive. If you plan to make money or reduce costs, and you're the least bit serious about it, this is the system for you.

The P4 can also be used in more specialized applications. In this example, the 3x13VT has been modified by adding a UV cure unit. This system opens up the additional possibility of printing on glossy and UV coated stocks . The curing unit requires a 220 vac connection and can be turned off when not in use. The conveyor function remains.

To further customize the P4, ACCUFAST has created a card and tag printing system. This system comes with a small card feeder and stacker at the output. It is used to print up to 2 inches of text or graphics on items like phone cards, small envelopes, cards and tags.

This feeder-printer unit may also be butted up to a 3x13VT/UV conveyor to print on plastic cards.