Paper Folders

since Jan'17
ACCUFAST has a line of simple paper folders that increase productivity at a reasonable, factory direct price. The AF2 paper folding machines are designed to provide years of paper folding performance by using high quality materials and limiting the number of things that can go wrong with a paper folder.

AF2 Tech Specs
The ACCUFAST AF2 has been marketed for many years and has enjoyed exemplary in-service statistics. The AF2 is a compact machine that fits easily on top of a table and folds up to save space when it isn't being used. Schools, churches, copy centers and others just open up the in feed tray, pull out the catch tray, load paper and push a button. To change the location of folds, just loosen and rotate the fold selection knobs to the correct setting and fold pieces. The AF2 has a jog setting that allows for just a few pieces to be folded during the fold set up process. It's as simple and direct as can be.

Every once in a while, something will go wrong and the machine will jam up. The ACCUFAST AF2 has a patented removable fold cartridge that quickly snaps out of the machine to allow total access to the fold rollers. As a safety precaution, the folder will not run with the top cover open so that clearing jams can be done in total safety.

Reliability, productivity, safety in a compact package - no wonder the ACCUFAST AF2 has done so well for so long. Click on the factory direct quote link to find out more.


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