Stamp Affixing

since Jan'17
There are three stamp affixing options in the ACCUFAST line.

The base unit is the XL with a Stamp Kit. If you are occasionally running stamps, this is the way to go. Typically, customers buy the stamp kit as an add - on and install it in the field. Strictly for stamps and roll diameters in the 6 inch range.
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The XL/R is available as a factory purchase or as a field upgrade. It uses the stock XL transport, but has a heavy duty roll labeling head instead of a fan fold tray. The roll head accepts rolls of stock up to 3 inches wide and 10 inches in diameter. This set up is recommended when a variety of roll label jobs are being done. The XL/R does stamps and much more.
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The VL is used in line with inserters or with a feeder to apply stamps or tabs. It is wide and strong enough to handle RPN's in 12 inch rolls.

It features a heavy duty transport with a sliding head to allow for maximum flexibility and strength. It's modular design and flat transport table mounted on an adjustable height stand makes it an ideal inserter add -on unit.
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